Zhagana Yunjing Yeshe Tent Hotel

Located at the highest point of the Zhagana Scenic Area, the Zhagana Yunjing Yeshe Tent Hotel overlooks the entire village. The surrounding ecological environment is excellent, rich in negative oxygen ions, and the natural landscape is superior. The hotel also has public areas such as observation restaurants, tents, bars, tents, and Mexican tents, providing various experiences such as dining, leisure, parent-child, and entertainment.

Amigonghong Ranch Tent Hotel

The Amigonghong Ranch Tent Hotel is located inside the farm, where you can fully enjoy the endless fresh air of the Great Plains. The night scenery is particularly beautiful, where you can lie on the grass, look up at the stars in the sky, and hear the crisp wind. Without the noise of the city, only the grass is whistling. What a wonderful thing this is.

Lanzhou Kangshifu Warehouse Canopy Project

The herringbone shaped tent can be widely used for temporary outdoor exhibitions, wedding banquets, holiday celebrations, meetings, sports and other activities, and can also effectively solve the problems of temporary warehouses, workshops, and emergency rescue. The main body of the storage tent is also called a European style tent. The European style tent is different from the traditional sense of tent understood by the general public. The so-called tent, as the name suggests, can be comparable in scale to fixed buildings. The area of a tent can be as small as a few square meters, as large as tens of thousands of square meters, and theoretically can even be infinitely extended. There are no pillars inside the tent, and the space is 100% utilized.