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Can the tent stand the test under the strong rain?
Author:Superb  Popularity:155  2023/7/29 15:58:00

When the tent encounters rainstorm, the impact may be different due to the quality and design of the tent. High quality tarpaulins have good waterproofing and rust resistance, which can effectively prevent rainwater infiltration.

The roof is designed with a large slope to ensure rapid drainage of rainwater and prevent accumulation.

But the flat roof shelter needs to be vigilant about the problem of water accumulation on the top, as prolonged water accumulation may cause damage to the shelter. Therefore, in rainstorm weather, the influence of the tent is small.

When using in stormy weather, the following aspects need to be noted:

1. Electricity safety: Electric wires are easily affected by factors such as tree collapse, damage to poles and towers, and rainwater intrusion, resulting in leakage, short circuits, and other situations. Especially avoid approaching broken or suspended wires to prevent electric shock hazards.

2. Waterproof measures: If there is no platform, it is necessary to promptly remove the accumulated water on the ground to prevent water from seeping into the interior of the tent, causing damage or dangerous situations such as slipping. In addition, it is possible to consider setting up waterproof barriers to prevent water from seeping in.

3. Strengthen wind resistance: When encountering typhoon weather, it is recommended to strengthen the wind resistance components of the tent in advance. For example, reinforcement measures such as traction cables and cross steel cables can be added, and fixed counterweights can also be added to enhance the wind resistance of the tent.

4. Personnel safety: Although the tent performs well in rainstorm, personnel safety is very important. During strong typhoon weather, please evacuate the shelter as soon as possible and seek shelter in a safe location.

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The framework structure of the tent is mainly made of high-strength aluminum alloy 6061/T6 profiles, and the tent cloth is made of waterproof, flame-retardant, and tear resistant PVC coated polyester fiber cloth. The wind load of the main structure is not less than 100Km/h, and it is resistant to wind force of level 10.