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Superb 10th Anniversary Celebration fuck
Author:Superb  Popularity:180  2023/7/9 19:42:05

On July 8, the 10th anniversary celebration of Superbtent was held in Superb Technology Plaza. Show the fruitful results achieved in the past ten years, show the spirit of the employees’ dedication to the company, further encourage all employees to stay true to their original aspirations and forge ahead, and thank the partners and customers for their strong support over the years. All walks of life gathered at the event site, and nearly 500 people from company leaders, industry pioneers, brand representatives and media witnessed this important moment.


At the celebration site, Mr. Zhen Fangkun, chairman of Superpower, delivered a speech for the event. On behalf of the company’s management, he expressed his heartfelt thanks to the shareholders, employees and partners who have supported the development of the company for a long time, and proposed that Superb should create more brilliant achievements and write a new brilliant chapter on the basis of the previous ten years .


grow together with employees

The ten-year development of  is inseparable from every employee. They are loyalty, responsibility, responsibility and dedication. In order to further stimulate the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of all employees and guide all employees to love their posts and work hard, during the celebration, Superbtent selected a group of outstanding employees and excellent teams who have performed outstandingly in the past ten years, and awarded honorary certificates and prizes to commend them. Outstanding achievements and contributions.


There are frequent awards and surprises, and the singing and dancing are very lively

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the company, a variety of exciting programs added style to the celebration, which attracted constant applause from the scene. The smiles and applause of the audience are the greatest affirmation of the efforts of each performer! The winners were full of expectations and surprises, and the lucky winners received generous prizes.