Product Introduction
Classification / Project Hotel Tent
    The Tianmu Hut Wild Luxury Homestay Tent adopts a unique product design concept, fashionable and aesthetically pleasing ultra-high appearance, and has an extremely wide range of uses. The hotel tent integrates tourism and camping very well, which is very suitable for young people's vacation tourism needs and has great development potential. Make it a highly favored shelter product for consumers!

    Introduction to the Tent of Tianmu Hut and Homestay

    1. Fireproof, windproof, rainproof, UV resistant, breathable, warm in winter and cool in summer.

    2. Multiple interior combinations, spacious and comfortable, with a high level of sophistication.

    3. The combined metal components of the canopy cabin are sturdy, safe, and easy to disassemble.

    4. No damage to the cultivation layer, no need for ground hardening, and no need for land approval.

    5. Non toxic, non corrosive, non polluting, fully recyclable, environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

    Optional: tarpaulin with insulation cotton, central control glass wall, solar exhaust fan, hard wall partition, interior shading curtain, ceiling, interior decoration ceiling cloth curtain, floor, overall bathroom, without steam, bathroom partition, vanity/sink/mirror, toilet, towel rack, indoor bedside wall lamp, desk lamp, indoor lamp, luggage rack, TV table leisure seat

    Chairs, round tables, bedside tables, wardrobes, air conditioning, televisions, etc;

    Quality assurance:

    The product quality system TUV certification has been obtained. Our company has passed the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification (TUV certification from Rheinland, Germany) and the Australian structural wind resistance C&S certification. The safety and stability of the tent in terms of materials, processing technology, wind resistance, fire resistance, and other aspects have all met international safety standards. (The flame retardant standards of the tarpaulin and curtain meet the national B1 level, German DIN4102, and European M2 level, with a strong wind resistance of 8 levels.) The high-quality roof material of the tarpaulin is made of advanced white shading double-sided PVC synthetic fiber cloth. After pre stretching treatment, the surface of the tarpaulin is tightly connected to the aluminum alloy bracket. This material is completely UV resistant and waterproof.

    The Tianmu Hut homestay tent, with its unique product design concept, fashionable and beautiful ultra-high appearance, and extremely wide range of uses, has become a highly favored tent product for consumers!

    Kind reminder:

    When investing in tent homestay projects, you should not only care about the price of hotel tents, but also compare the production process, quality, and service of hotel tent manufacturers to ensure the safety of equipment.